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Designed and conceptualised by our friend Rajesh Krishna, a drive from London to India is not a novel idea as many have completed it in recent years and Rajesh aims to be an addition to the already set examples of beyond border expeditions. He’ll be driving more than 20,000 kilometres from London, UK, to Kerala in India, passing through 75 cities in 55 days to raise money for the Ryan Ninan Children’s Charity.

‘Do not follow where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail’. 

Rajesh’s London to Kerala Cross Country Roadtrip will start soon (delayed due to visa constrains) . He will be travelling from his home in London to his home in Kerala, a journey he undertakes many times each year, but this time he will be travelling only by road. Starting in the UK, he will drive through Europe, cross into Turkey, then drive through Iran and then China, before crossing into the north of India and driving the full length of the subcontinent to his home in the southern state of Kerala. He will largely be travelling alone, but there will be times when he will have the company of his friends, politicians and celebrities who support RNCC will also join at designated places of interest. This will be one of the fascinating factors of the trip.

And so we set off on an adventurous, exciting and ardours road trip to cross borders and barriers, forge new relations of love, peace, brotherhood and solidarity. This road trip, the first of its kind, will not just be a trendsetter but will be the inspiration for all future adventure enthusiasts.

This road trip is fuelled by the innate nature of all of us, being a human, to help a fellow human being in distress. This trip is initiated in the best interest of supporting Ryan Ninan Children’s Charity – RNCC was initiated in the memory of Ryan Ninan, who passed away from brain tumour. The main purpose of this charity is to support children with life-threatening illnesses.

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